Origami BiPyramid Earring - Red, blue & Gold

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Origami, is the art of paper folding.  It has a long association with Japanese culture. 

If you love earrings weighs to nothing, these are for you.  They are truly light weight!

Made by hand from Japanese Chiyogami Washi (traditional Japanese handmade papers) and lacquered for durability. An original Swarovski crystal in the design to add sparkle.

The dimension is approx. 2cm x 2cm overall. They dangle to a length of 2.8cm from ear hook (If you like it longer,  just send me a note with your desire length).

These are made of paper, therefore they are delicate. The coatings make it water resistance to a degree. Do handle them with care and love, remember not to shower, swim or sleep with them on.

Every pair of earrings could be different from one to another due to handmade nature.