Magic Water Gel Beads 10g

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Magic Water Gel Beads are a water and food store for indoor plants containing all the necessary nutrients found in soil.  Plants can be left for several weeks without watering.  It also makes an amazing center piece for social and special events.

Each package is 10g

Colors available : Clear, Blue, Teal, Pink, Purple, Red, Apple Green, Yellow, and Orange.

Color no longer available : Black, White & Golden.

We have many customers ask about what kind of water is best for water beads.  After checking with our source,  it is best using pure (soft) water.

Magic Water Gel Beads are non-toxic. Eco-friendly and Biodegradable. Soft water (e.g. distilled water) is the ideal liquid for soaking the Water Beads.

Warning: The Magic Water Gel Beads are Not for Eating.
Although the Magic Water Gel Beads are non-toxic, they should be kept away from small children. Children that play with Magic Water Gel Beads should be supervised by an adult.