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Welcome to Canaysia Gifts Ltd.

Beautiful and handcrafted things always hold a special place in my heart. I wanted to share them you.

Canaysia Gifts Ltd was born in fall 2007.  It began as a craft and gift "pop-up shop". Over the years, this "shop" has become an online gift shop where our customers find unique, hand crafted gifts, wearable accessories and home decor items.

Our ORIGAMI series, such as cards, ornaments and jewelry are handmade.  It always fill me with pleasure to know that I am able to present these beautiful things so you can enjoy and own one of them too, or to share with a good friend in life whom would enjoy it as much as you and me.

We also feature an exciting collection of gifts: It ranges from the fine handicrafts made in Japan, a new Kimonos / Yukata or, an authentic Japanese dish; or a made-by-hand find in South East Asia - hand crafted wooden bowl, vase, animal statuette, a wooden carvings, a handmade tote made from hemp, a hand-woven basket or a mat and so many more. 

Please email customerservice@canaysiagifts.ca or call (905) 481-0271 for a special gift you do not see on our online shop; but you like us to consider it for you.  I would be very happy to receive an email from you, even just a simple hi.

There is always new finds and creations.  Please check in often and I hope to make it an exciting online shop for you and me!

I sincerely hope you will enjoy the experience and have a wonderful time visiting my online shop.




Contact Information
Tel: (905) 481-0271
Email: customerservice@canaysiagifts.ca

Shipping to Canada, everywhere: 5% (GST - TPS)
Shipping to Canada, Ontario 13% (HST)

Shipping Services & Fees


Our products are shipped with Canada Post domestic and international services. It is easy for you, our customer, to have complete control over the cost and speed of your deliveries.